Switching Over

Last night my blog on blog.com informed me I have to pay to make it pretty and more personal.  I researched and found WordPress is more user friendly and still free!  Of course I can always upgrade and pay if I ever become famous through blogging 😉  I am more focused on my blog appearance right now than jumping in to writing my life away.  Let me see where I can start..

As I fight my minor cold, I’ve been coating myself down with Oregano oil, drinking Thieves and praying to my God that this sickness be gone!  I am a hairstylist, I stand and chat all day with my clients – God forbid I get anyone else sick!  I love to work and I love to push myself, so today I have eaten more carbs (with protein) than I normally would to give myself some extra energy to push through.  Along with my lemon-lime water and a positive attitude, 1/2 my day is over and it’s been a great day!  By the end of the evening when I get to sit, I always appreciate the time to literally just SIT.  People take it for granted and after being on your feet all day there is nothing better than sitting and taking a few deep breaths leading to relaxation.  Thank God for my Lavender oil..deep breaths of Lavender can be a game changer.  Anyway, now to do more hair and talk some more!  Happy Tuesday!


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