Morning Ritual

Every morning I willingly wake up before the sun comes up, roll out of bed, dress in some warm gym clothes and meet my Mom downstairs (when she’s in town).  We usually briefly chat about how we slept as we prepare our coffee leaving myself with this beauty.FullSizeRenderNot as creamy as yours, you think?  Yes, you are right, no cream for me!  Nine months before my wedding Tony and I committed to the Whole30 program, which you aren’t allowed any dairy!  Sounds harder than it is.  It only takes so long to build a habit!  Now after the wedding I used cream and sugar on our honeymoon and kind of got used to it again.  If you read blogs you probably have already learned the benefits of coconut oil and putting it in your coffee, so there it is!  A black cup of coffee with a tablespoon of coconut oil and a dash of cinnamon.  Before you try it, I should tell you to prepare your moth for the bitterness!  It isn’t the sweetest, it isn’t the prettiest, but coconut oil really helps with food and sugar cravings.  I can say over Christmas, my birthday, and New Years – sweets were everywhere I looked in this house of mine!!  Before we left for New Years, Tony and I threw them all out and were ready to get them out of the kitchen.  My face couldn’t handle any more sweets nor could my body.  This coffee everyday has really helped supplement my body and I don’t even think about eating a piece of chocolate..then again, we don’t have it..  Try it for a week and see how you like it!  Might be your new morning coffee like it is my mom and I’s!


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