My Victory

This week has been a busy, seemingly chaotic but really not, emotional, successful, overall happy did I just wrap up with happy?  I went through the days and the common denominator through it all was happiness.  There is never a day I wake up and don’t feel happy.  Let me clarify, I may wake up feeling irritable and want to drink my coffee alone, but I have come to a recognition that one day that could be the case and I would prefer to enjoy every moment with whoever I can while drinking coffee!

As I fought my sickness Monday and Tuesday, I kept mentally going back to when I was growing up.  After many years of begging I finally was able to convince my family to go to church.  Whenever we got sick we reverted to our bibles and declared the devil to get out because what right does he have?  Of course I believe sickness’ happen and germs are out there but I do believe I could have allowed myself to really be “sick,” go to the doctors and get an antibiotic and would I have been able to enjoy a date with my husband Saturday night?  Highly unlikely.  I believe I have authority over my life because of Jesus, in which case I am learning to use it, but can say this week is a first testimony for myself!  Monday and Tuesday came and went, Wednesday – my precious niece would be spending the day with me.  How incredible and thankful I am to spend time with her and I was 100% better, thank God!  Our day was fabulous until around 5PM, she was over her auntie and I felt completely helpless for our 4 1/2 month old beauty.  What am I supposed to do?  Sometimes emotions run high and I feel I just want to cry with her, well in the end I passed her to my husband and then my Mom where she cried for another thirty minutes but hey, at least we know it wasn’t something I was doing wrong.  That evening when my brother came to pick her up through the evening we got to talking.  Brodie and I have been best friends since forever.  Of course we went through a phase where we fought allllll the time, but we have a special thing where I can honestly say I understand him and where he comes from in every scenario.  Now do I always just say, “yeah, okay,”?  Negative.  I listen and I try to build him up.  He’s my brother and I love him more than anything in this world so seeing him succeed is what I will forever desire!  And this man has dreams, dreams, and more dreams.  Sometimes I feel it’s easy to lose sight of what we really want in life, but with a little support, accountability, and love – life is so much easier.  Thursday morning I emailed him my devotionals, literally God spoke to me to speak to him.  Friday this happened also, so he has emails piling up from his little sister.  Was I worried he was thinking, “What a nag, she won’t leave me alone.”  Absolutely, the devil had me badly feeling as if I was overstepping my boundaries but I reverted back to Brodie does know how much I love him.  Friday morning I was worshiping as I got ready and decided to send Brodie a gift via iTunes, Hillsong United’s newest album Empires.  We grew up listening to this band; jamming out together after school belting out worship on our rides home (Brodie claims he is the only one who has heard me truly sing and he say’s I can sing!).  I was feeling so excited and in God’s presence, I really could have stayed in my bathroom all day, just soaking it all up.  Saturday morning, little did I know this was my victorious day.  I woke up and went to the gym, made the best breakfast smoothie I have came across yet, turned on my worship music while getting ready, and sent a text to my brother to check his email.  Next thing I know I get an text from my brother as he is so thankful, loving and HAPPY to have read all the devotions I sent plus the music he was able to download.  He was ready to go start his day with a new attitude and a new revelation that our God is for us and not against us.  Our God allows us to go through things to learn and grow from them and leave them behind.  Our God teaches us daily, pushes us daily, and is never ever gone from us!  How incredible when you are revealed to this glorious information?  My gosh, I was wanting to shout it out my bathroom window how incredible my God is!!!!  For the sake of my brother, never give up and never stop pushing because God has great things in store for all of us!!!  Meanwhile I decided to step on the scale…….I am down 9.4 pounds in two weeks!  Praise God!  I haven’t lost weight in over six months, can you feel the excitement?!  Tony and I capped Saturday off with a beautiful dinner date and almost the whole day spent together, ya can’t beat that!  Today I am anxious to get into my seat at church, praise and hear from God because at this point I can’t even imagine what He has for me today!

Through this week I haven’t stopped seeking God, I haven’t stopped worshiping when I really didn’t want to, and I haven’t stopped loving.  I haven’t stopped loving God and all those around me more and more everyday.  The more I love the more I feel God can be revealed and this week was a prime example.  Although my brother knows God loves him and He is for him, I sometimes think a little extra love can move mountains.


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