For the Love of Smoothies

A year ago Tony and I learned how beneficial a smoothie a day is.  We have definitely found really delicious ones and an occasional, “Let’s just dump that out and eat popcorn.”  We were living in our apartment, working out daily, trying to trim up in the winter..which some years I believe it’s just so cold and God wants us to be warmer, what’s an extra five pounds?  Until this year, it’s become the coldest this month and Tony and I are both dropping pounds..we are working out our willpower.  But truly I believe smoothies help me achieve a flat belly!  Over the weekend we enjoyed a delicious meal, a few slices of pizza and of course we had salads mixed within. Sunday evening came and after all the deliciousness I had consumed I really wanted to get to the gym and work it all off.  As Monday approached I was looking on Pinterest, planning what my week should consist of to stay on track.  I often find myself reading multiple recipes and a variety of different ingredients, coming up with my own mixture that suits my personal taste buds.  Monday in entirety, flew by and after Tuesday morning I realized I had made the most delicious detox smoothie Monday morning.  What isn’t fabulous about a detoxifying day to start ones week off right?  Let me introduce you to the number one smoothie to cure your Monday blues and start your week off right!


1 C. Coconut water + 1 C. Plain Greek yogurt + 1 C. Blueberries + 1 Banana + 2 C. Spinach + 1 tsp. Aguave sweetener = the best blueberry detox smoothie!

So yes, those are the only ingredients equaling a whopping 401 calories with the perfect amount of natural sugars and protein to keep you full and feeling fresh!  I will say I am coming to having a lovely relationship with blueberries!  I absolutely love the energy they give me along with the little bit of sweetness.  They are full of the antioxidants that work to clear our bodies of the harmful additives in the everyday foods we eat more blueberries!  Let me add, about 8 months ago I cut all fruit out of my diet.  Someone had said that could be why I wasn’t losing weight, well excuse me for one second but why should we depict others and give them “tips” of to why they aren’t losing weight?  What if they aren’t even trying?  Some days I wish others thought before speaking but needless to say, I cut all my fruit out.  And can you guess what happened?  First of all, I was at a plateau and slowly but surely started gaining a pound here, a pound now I love my berries, bananas, apples, kiwis, anything to enhance and benefit my smoothies I will eat!  I also will advise you to try the yogurt as the protein source before trying protein powder.  Some powders really do alter the taste to where it could take me 2+ hours to get the smoothie down..yuck!

My tip to you; freeze the fruit by serving!  What I love to do to prepare my smoothies is to just measure the fruit I want to put in, lay a piece of wax paper on a plate and pop it in the freezer.  Usually for only an hour or two, when I get back from the gym I’m able to whip this baby right up!  I used to freeze a ton of fruit at once ending up with a frozen lump of fruit..well that does no good unless you have the best blender ever and I’m only working with a Ninja, let me help and take the little tip from above.  Life is sooo much easier!  Another little tidbit, blend the coconut water and spinach together first, it helps  alleviate the leafiness!  If you try this smoothie, let me know how you liked it!


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