Snowed in Weekend!

A blizzard, in my opinion, means an excuse to be snowed in with my favorites!  Pure beauty!  My Dad planned all of our meals for the predicted snowed in evenings while stocking up on all the other necessity’, wine, veggies, coffee, and shovels!  From the beginning of it all, I planned to count my calories and try and stay within my caloric intake..that lasted Friday morning.  It started snowing and Tony and I took a trip to 5 Guys, a burger wrapped in lettuce and delicious fries.  I felt as if we needed to rush to get one last meal before we were stranded!  The snow was coming down so fast, we couldn’t believe it but were so excited!!  The night came and my Dad was cooking us homemade Pho, yes homemade Vietnamese soup!  Yummy, so good, the most delicious dinner.  With full tummy’s and excited hearts, we watched a movie continuing to watch the snow fall!  Saturday morning came, snow was still falling, and we all felt like Tug.

We were anxious but ready for the snow to end so we could go enjoy it!  Little did we know, all six of us, would be enjoying it sooner than later!  Before venturing out into the snow Mom and I had champagne over sherbert, yummy!  Our neighbor will find that cork come spring time when this snow melts.  Tony and my Dad continued to shovel throughout the blizzard to avoid shoveling wet, heavy snow.  With some liquid courage, Mom and I decided to get out there and brave it!  Between the wind and the snow hitting our faces, we stayed out long enough for Mom to make a snow angel, Tug to steal her scarf while doing so, take pictures, and get back inside!

Memories are all I want to make; great ones at that!  I always want to take pictures, videos, whatever I can to savor each moment Tony and I have, my parents and I have, anybody and myself – memories, memories, memories.  Between the four of us, there is something always going on!  As the night rolled in, my master bathroom was squeaky clean, floors mopped..can you sense a little cabin fever?!  My Dad and Tony went out one more time to do their best to cleanup the driveways before settling in for the night..they too were feeling a little, bored if you will.  Our chef decided to make us prime rib for dinner.  OH EM GEE.  With a sweet potato.  Man, a snowed in weekend calls for delicious dinners back to back!  I will take it!  In the midst of the day, I did whip up Brown Sugar Chocolate Chip Cookies, which call for another, “Oh my gosh!”  They really are so, so, so good.  If you like cookies to melt in your mouth, you have to try this recipe!  I will say, I never have butter in our fridge.  Being married to a personal trainer there are just some things that aren’t on hand, butter is one of them.  Instead I used coconut oil, yum!  And we used crushed up dark chocolate Dove hearts instead of chocolate chips, I guess there are always options to make a dessert a tad healthier!  Sunday morning..HELLO SUNSHINE!!!

Princess Paylin couldn’t get warm enough, between the sun and our oil heater, she stayed here Sunday morning!  It was beautiful!  The sun shining on the snow, happy faces all around, we were excited to start the day!  Tony and I were eager to get out and clear our driveway of the melting snow and ice..who ever usually says that?!  Before we started, my Dad was cooking some scrapple and eggs for us, and I decided to blend us all a little smoothie!  We could all use a little something to cleanse the system after being couped up in a house for two days, right?  This gave us all the boost we needed!  After drinking these up and eating our warm half of breakfast, out we went!


1 cup coconut water + 1 cup water + 1 cup blueberries + 10 strawberries + 1 banana + 3 handfuls of spinach + 1 vanilla Oikos triple zero yogurt = deliciousness!

After only so long, we decided it was time to venture to the grocery store.  How awesome it is to live in an area we can walk to the stores when the cars won’t make it!  Time to get necessities for the day and dinner.  We did have enough, but why not walk?  After getting all we needed, loading up our totes – between Tony, my Mom and I – this was going to be an interesting walk back..second guessing ourselves, as we walked out of the store my Dad was there in his truck!  Hallelujah!  What a relief, it was going to be a trek home with all these bags!  We arrived home, opened a beer, and finally saw the light at the end of the tunnel.  Monday morning would come and things would be back to normal, in the sense, we could work, drive, shop, do whatever!  The roads would be cleared!  Little did we know our roads would not be cleared Monday morning allotting us another snow day!  More time to clean, organize and do my blog.  I love to write, even if it’s about a long weekend stuck inside with my family.  Writing allows me to sit back and become thankful for all I have because not every minute in this house was super enjoyable, but it was time with my three favorite people and two favorite dogs, there is something to be happy about!


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