Valentine’s Day

Let me show you what I woke up in on Sunday morning that, too, put a huge smile on Tony’s face!
IMG_1213A friend gave me this at my bridal shower, a beautiful shirt from a Christian blogger called, Unvelied Wife.  (Her story is very inspiring and uplifting from a Godly home!)  Tony loves this shirt so much and the praise people give me when I wear it in public is very interesting!  A lot of men thank me for appreciating my husband, I pray I really show Tony that appreciation more everyday!Tony and I’s celebration this year was a little different than our past two, we promised one another we wouldn’t get each other presents.  In just a few days we will be taking a trip to see one of my favorite bands and to spend a few days just the two of us (there will be it’s own post for that).  Although we said no to presents, we did say yes to cards.  Funny enough, we decided to send my parents a Valentine’s card as they left us with a hefty bag of goodies, a simple card was put in the mail.  My mom has always taught me the importance of words and truly a card means so much more than a million pieces of chocolate!  Well in our family.  After being with Tony the few years, it’s our third Valentine’s day together, our cards filled with a hundred meaningful words is more of a keepsake than any gift ever.  And I love now how Tony really writes versus just signing.  Before opening our cards we drank from our Mr. & Mrs. cups, in which we love!  A sweet gift from my Dad’s cousin in Arizona.  These cups seemed to give our morning the perfect touch ♥
IMG_1214.jpgWe opened our cards while drinking our coffee, eagerly waiting to see our smiles appear from the words within.  It was perfect, Tony surprised me with my favorite chocolates, too!
IMG_1224Nothing beats Lindor chocolate!  We then opened my parents Valentine to us, which was a perfect addition to the morning!  The candle was so aromatic and uplifting, an essential!

Our day was filled with love and laughter, we went to church, went to lunch, enjoyed one another’s company just like any other day except it was Valentine’s day!  Love was in the air and everyone out and about was exceptionally friendly, making our Sunday that much better!  We had planned to cook dinner together that evening instead of going out.  Where we are traveling to is one of the most romantic places in the U.S., according to the Travel Channel and personal reviews online.  We decided to save a few pennies to enjoy a dinner together the following weekend!  We made single servings of Beef Wellington, broccoli with a cheese sauce, and a nice salad!  Dessert was a chocolate cake, YUM!  We usually don’t have time to cook together, it was a nice touch and made our Valentine’s day exceptional.  Wouldn’t have wanted to spend the day any other way!  Our third Valentine’s day, no presents just cards, cook dinner together, PERFECT!


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