Four words: Hillsong United Austin Texas. 

Let me start by telling you Hillsong United has been one of the most influential bands.  Ever.  As I talked about in a recent post, growing up I was taught to continually seek God’s forgiveness.  Which, okay that sentence is true but I’ve learned that God has more to do then seek for our forgiveness and point his finger at every wrong we have done.  This band proved God’s love to me in more ways I could explain.  My time with God is spent in worship, my go to worship album is always a Hillsong gem.  A few months before my birthday I saw they were going on tour..OH. MY. GOSH.  Yes, excited would be an understatement!  I was about to bounce through my computer chair.  I instantly texted both Tony and my parents, told them to return any gifts they bought because I knew what I wanted for my birthday.  The big 24, I wanted to go see my favorite band.  Sure enough, they both acted quick!  Tony told me to pick a city, Mom and Dad got us two VIP tickets in the pit and flights were booked..let the anticipation begin!  It was set, we were months away from seeing the most incredible band that allows me to draw closer and closer to God!

Everyday while I got ready, the Empires album played.  Everyday I worked out alone, the Empires album blared in my ears.  Every time I drove alone, I blasted the Empires album.  The pattern was no joke, Tony never downloaded the album himself..but from the endless amounts of repetition, I often giggled when he started randomly singing or humming songs.  I started following the lead singers on Instagram.  Joel and Taya have become such role models.  The entire band itself, they all have a story and hearing each is so intriguing for me.  Their hearts for praise and spreading God’s love, man I need more genuine people like that in my life!

I admire ones testimony.  I used to think testimony meant when a person went through these terrible situations, near death experiences, just awful things.  After listening to many people talk, a testimony is literally anything!  To me a testimony is a story of the seasons changing.  God used me here when..and now I’m here doing the same great things.  Of course I am not downplaying those who really have been on a terrible path and thanks to God they have changed their life, because that too is incredible!  And is a testimony.  I just never understood the variety, that’s why I’ve learned to love to listen to people and their story/testimony.

There we were.  In the airport waiting to fly to Texas.  Yes, Texas!  I tried to stay calm.  Didn’t wanna get too excited..because it was 4AM, Tony would have I’m sure been quite our three hour flight passed.  The layover began.  The excitement built.  We would see Hillsong in less than 12 hours!!!  Everything seemed to zoom by.  We got to Austin in a jiff.  We picked up our car, we settled into our condo, we walked all around 6th Street..very unique, liberal, city.  We decided to grab some Mexican at a little food truck turned into a cute little outside restaurant.  It was very yummy, not too filling, but enough to give us the energy to walk home and get ready!

By the time we got to Cedar Park, I was convinced the traffic in Austin is just as bad as D.C.  And the roads, there’s sooo many!  Thankfully Tony drove and I laughed.  What a terrible thing, headed to a Christian concert laughing at your husband trying to drive in a city we both don’t know.  Eagerly I rushed out of the car and hopped in line.  With the VIP we also got to sit in a Q&A where a few members of the band talked about their journey, which was amazing.  It set the perfect tone for the concert.  They, JD Taya and Nick, completely normal Australians who all had the choice to either follow Jesus and the path He had for them or go the more secular route.  And for all it just fell into place where they were supposed to be.  That seems to be how God works..when I seek Him and spend time listening, my life falls into place like a perfect puzzle.  Not like life is perfect or anything but things become less and less in my control and more and more in His control.  And when I say seek Him and listen, it’s really not hard.  I just pray, worship and read daily.  Read devotions on my phone, journal, flip through my real bible..the time put in changes daily, but my heart remains the same and our God is faithful..♥

As we got to our standing position in the pit, Tony was just as anxious and excited as me!  He wouldn’t move his feet.  He was eager to keep our spot and worship as close as we could!  It was an incredible night, moving for both Tony and I..unbelievable, indescribable best night of worship, I’m so grateful for Hillsong United!  I advise everyone to give them a quick listen – Hillsong United on iTunes – open your heart for a minute and allow God to speak to you!  My favorite of the night was, Here it began the concert..I couldn’t explain the power of God in that arena!  Hands raised, shivers through me, tears streaming down my face, the overwhelming feeling of peace..God was with us at this concert and the power within the music allowed Him to move more and more!  And every song after that was my favorite too, haha!  They also intertwined with music that I listened to when I was in middle school, taking me back to the hardships I faced then and how the power of one song got me through the depression I was feeling in high school..of course they had to play it and because everything was SO LOUD I was able to belt it out without anyone hearing me!  I was able to give it all the Jesus at this point.  We worshiped hard Thursday night.  As did everyone else around us!

A quick side note..Tony went because this was a bucket list thing for me.  He was excited because I was excited and because I love their music.  He hadn’t heard of them until he met me..when their songs came on in my car he would click next..rude but I knew in time his heart would change.  After three years of my love for Hillsong growing stronger, he now listens to them on Youtube when he wants..he hums with me through the house when my music plays..and now he can say he loves it!  Of course it is worship..if you’re not into worship, ya might get turned off.  But if you understand the heart and soul of worship music, this may be your new #1 band ♥


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