13 Weeks!

Our secret is finally out!  And it feels so great now that people know!

We decided to take pictures where we stood to get married!

Tony and I surprised everyone on April 11th, his big 28th..that we are expecting a little blessing!  We are due October 21st of this year and couldn’t be more excited!  We found out the day after Valentine’s Day..Tony almost passed out and had to lay down for 10 minutes..we were both in complete shock!  It was three days before we were heading to Texas to see Hillsong (see my prior post!) and I really just wanted a margarita in Texas so figured I’d be safe and take a few tests before we ventured off.  Welp, my intuition was off..and boom..there was the + sign!  We decided we would wait until we got back to release the news to our parents and family.  At this point I was literally 4 weeks 3 days pregnant, I was still thinking my body peed and gave me two false positives.  While in Texas we walked to the nearest CVS and bought another test..and there was the +.  Okay, I told myself, this is real.  I’m carrying our first baby!!!  Who cares if I can’t drink a Texas margarita, I can eat as much chips and salsa as I want at this point because I am pregnant!!!

Oddly enough, I lost my appetite frequently on the trip and felt a little under the weather when we got to San Antonio.  As I was texting my mom, laying in bed because I was so queasy, I changed my mind and told Tony we are calling them on FaceTiming and telling them the news!  He looked at me, shocked and just as nervous as I was.  I think I had mistaken the nerves for excitement.  There they were – my dad, mom, brother and his family, Nana, aunt, and cousins..I could barely speak and Tony then says, “We have some news, we just found out..” I then finished, “We’re five weeks pregnant!”  The family was stunned and didn’t believe us until I started crying..the excitement let loose!  Screams, cries, you name it and that was happening!!  I’ve never seen so much excitement.  And immediately the relief I felt was incredible, my stomach and headache had subsided and I was feeling 100%!!  We should have told them before we left and enjoyed everything a little bit more!  It was still a good time for Tony and I to digest the findings of our little baby in my belly.  Although I think we talked the littlest ever because of the shock factor, go figure.  When we FaceTimed my in-laws they were so shocked, I think about it now and laugh a little because they were not expecting the news at all!  But they are so excited to be Grandparents and an Auntie and Funcle (fun-uncle)!  Our main people knew and life was great.  But now we had to wait until we were in the safe zone to tell our friends and clients.  This was he hardest part.  The more it slipped out, the more anxiety I started having.  I guess it’s just instinct from stories you hear so I wanted to be safe and keep our little poppyseed a surprise for as long as we could.

From the beginning I started T25 and have been counting my calories.  I’m not dieting but I do believe it’s good to keep my body in a healthy routine and monitor what I put in my mouth.  I want a healthy pregnancy and I want to stay in shape, if you will.  Not figuratively because I know my body is going to go through some wild changes here shortly, but working out and maintaining good nutrition will only help me during this journey!  I still start my day with a berry smoothie, a little yogurt and usually some eggs.  Eggs drenched in Texas Pete!  (Oh my gosh, mouth is watering..maybe I crave it a little or a lot..)  For lunch I was stuck on chicken salad with mustard.  Talk about a weird craving. MUSTARD was my best friend for about 2 and a 1/2 weeks.  It’s subsided at this point and I don’t need it but still love it when I have it.  I’ve had zero sickness or any problems so far!  Thank you Jesus.  I couldn’t be more grateful because with my work, I need to be on my A-game!  I truly believe that keeping a routine and maintaining healthy meals has kept me afloat.  I haven’t craved sugary stuff yet and have had the energy to workout daily and work 8 hour workdays without a nap.  I sway back and forth some days, especially when in Topsail, to go grab a doughnut.  But I haven’t yet..I think I just want to avoid that route if I can.  Maybe if the wives tales are right, the salty craving could mean a boy?  People look at me sideways when I tell them I’m feeling good and not fatigued, I will say if I stop and have say an hour break, heck yeah I don’t want to work again for the day.  But a little protein and maybe a carb perks me right up!

We have decided we are going to wait until the birth of our precious babe to find out if it’s a boy or girl!!  That doesn’t mean the entire time we won’t be guessing..  People have been quick to tell me, “If you’re trying to figure it out you might as well find out..”  To be quite honest, it’s fun to keep the guessing game going!  And with the amount of people we have in our lives, hearing the different opinions are quite humorous.  Some have told me I look like a boy mom while others are quick to say a girl would be so fitting.  Thus far our baby’s heartbeat is 143 and, well, when we saw it last it was jumping around, waving its hands, and the feet were flying around.  The ultrasound tech was laughing while trying to take measurements.  I had joked with Tony and my parents saying I was going to drink coffee (which I still do everyday) so the baby would be awake too!  And it seemed to work!  At the current heartbeat while all the movement too, for the duration we were seeing our baby I felt like there was a nameless little boy in my belly.  Even though at this point I feel like it’s a boy, Tony and I frequently talk about if it’s a girl and how beautiful she would be.  We both come from families of four – Dad & Mom + older brother & younger sister.


Tony and his younger sister, Sara.


My older brother, Brodie, and I.

Of course if our family didn’t turn out that way we would be just as happy, but we both are used to the brother being the older and protective, maybe a little crazy..Brodie..but overall the love within our baby, boy or girl, will be just as strong if we have another little munchkin join years to come.  As I begin to show more I think it will be even more exciting to hear the guesses of whats inside!  And come October, our biggest surprise will be revealed!  I will be sure to keep my blogging more alive, there wasn’t much to keep y’all updated with after our Texas trip and keeping this secret kept.  I’m excited to keep a journey of my belly growing, my health, exercising and the life of our little one as it continues to grow before entering this incredible world.  Everyday I am thankful for this sweet surprise God blew us away with!


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