The first few weeks after getting back from our trip, getting into a routine was hard.  My mom and I had been going to the gym doing treadmill intervals, the stair-master, and lifting; we had the perfect routine down but after we found out I was pregnant the excitement overtook!  For the first week home we went a few times and then I got the dreaded stomach bug.  I was knocked off my routine for a week and was so concerned about the baby, well poppy-seed, to get dehydrated.  I decided to ease back into life by just sleeping and working, the gym was no where in sight because I was so weak.  I was able to work after two days of literally laying so my Mom and I decided to start T-25.  Her client, ironically, had told her about her daughter-in-law who did T-25 the entire pregnancy and went to the hospital 9cm dilated and gave a natural, drug-free birth!  That’s my goal this pregnancy.

So we started T-25 Alpha program sometime in March and just finished the five week round in about seven..we had to re-do a few because our travel schedules!  But we finished and I will say, my body has changed in great ways.  Tony and I took before pictures in January to see our progress either in a few months or the year!  It’s always fun to have pictures along the way, instead of always depending on the scale to be our guides.  And I will say, the first trimester is over and according to the doctors I have gained only 2 pounds!  I was so excited.  After reading post after post on my pregnancy apps, some women gain 10-20 lbs the first few weeks..I couldn’t imagine!  I will say my home scale fluctuates according to a lot..water weight, starchy carb intake, or just straight hunger!  Of course I do realize there will be a point where the pounds could start packing on, but that doesn’t mean I have to stop working out or changing the way I eat.  I figure the more I stay active during the pregnancy, the more I will be able to bounce back after our precious lovey is here!  Now that I’m 14 weeks, the hunger some days really sets in.  The good thing is we don’t have junk food in our home.  Like a piece of chocolate or ice-cream..I have to really act desperate and really tell Tony or my Dad that I need it.  They’re quick to get me what I need like one day Doritos would solve all my problems, but it wasn’t the whole bag, it was enough for me to feel satisfied and move on.  I hear horror stories of women losing control and eating all things in sight.  I thank God I have some self-control because if not I would probably be looking really large and in charge without the full tummy look, yet.  It’s my first pregnancy..of course I’m excited to be showing off our precious baby!  And I do know I will, in the months to come, be so excited to push the baby out and have a normal belly!  Until then, Tony and I do take weekly pictures, here’s my current body shot!  Yeah there’s a little something but I did just eat brekfast and chug some water, ha!We’ve started T-25’s second 5-week program, Beta.  And now that we have beautiful mornings we are able to kick our running into high gear!  It is so refreshing.  I do have a heart-rate monitor I run with plus a watch that has my pace, which has been really the perfect mix.  Although I probably look like the crazy person running with two watches in my neighborhood, but soon they will see my belly and it should all make sense.  Although I am working out hard for myself, I am sure to keep track of my heart and really listen to my body.  There was one morning during the first trimester where I was feeling a little off during my workout; I took a break, drank water, and then modified all my movements to make sure the babe and I were okay.  People are quick to tell me I shouldn’t be working out and that I need to take it easy..that’s why I’ve decided to blog about my fitness journey during my first pregnancy 🙂

I will say I feel very energized and happy after my workouts!  I haven’t felt lethargic or exhausted except on the days I don’t workout..irony, right?  I still add coconut oil to my one cup of coffee and I really think it fights my sweet tooth (I’ve done this for a while now, before pregnancy and suggest all to try it!).  I mentally plan my meals through the day, some days I enjoy a sandwich while other days I enjoy chicken salad and mustard plain.  Yogurt is in my everyday diet, berries and greens too!  I believe keeping a workout routine and a well balanced diet with all the nutritious needs for myself and the baby has and will continue to help keep my body balanced!  I was always one to read about others journeys and get little tips, but overall I’m learning what is best for my body and pregnancy.  It’ll be quite the journey, I’m excited to share it with you all! ❤️


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