Growing from 15 to 16

When I found out I was pregnant I immediately wanted to find a book or something that would help me grow in my faith as I prepare to become a Mommy!  Plus a pregnancy journal that I could one day read to the baby of the journey of my pregnancy.  It literally took me two days to find the pregnancy journal I loved on Etsy, plus my sister-in-law and soon to be brother-in-law sent me a gem that tells me what’s going on week by week!  You can’t get enough of those when you’re pregnant!  After a few weeks of searching, I finally found what I was looking for in the faith department.

FullSizeRender 19
I didn’t know what to expect, except reviews were high and I had a great chance of loving what was on the inside of this book.  I really love everything this little devotional has to offer.  Week by week I am able to get insight of what is happening with our baby plus a mommy’s verse every week and a verse everyday to engage and write about that I can eventually share with our babe.  Know someone expecting?  You can buy it here for cheap!

The biggest debate from the moment I peed on the stick was whether or not we are going to find out the sex.  I know that God has it all planned out already for us and the surprise, just like finding out we were expecting our first, will be incredible.  Ironically, after days of thinking maybe we would find out and really feeling unsure, this perfect devotional gave me my answer.  Life isn’t always about making immediate decisions but sometimes really waiting, praying, and listening to find the answer we need to hear.  That’s probably one of the most valued lessons I’ve learned this year and it’s only May, thank you God.  The verse that was given week 15 day 3 was Hebrews 4:13, “Nothing in all creation is hidden from God’s sight.  Everything is uncovered and laid bare before the eyes of him to who we must give account.”  The devotion also talked about the question of finding out or waiting, God’s humor right?  Could be silly to some but for me it confirms that God has it all aligned just as we need, I will continue to thank God day by day for our newest blessing and know that His plan is what will be the perfect blend for Tony and I.  It’s almost like a lesson for my faith and entrusting in God more through this pregnancy.  We may want a boy more today but come a few weeks we may want a girl!  Let the fun begin!  As soon as my belly really starts showing and people start guessing, it will keep us on our toes!  We only have 24 more weeks until we find out what a precious addition to our family may be!

In week 15 I noticed a few changes that brings a little smile to my face as I type this.  Well first of all I’ve noticed I have a little more roundness to embrace as Tony took my weekly photo, which of course I am excited to see but I will admit the struggles I currently face as my body changes – the main thing is accepting it because there’s a baby inside me!  But embracing the way my clothes hug my hips and midsection, that’s a whole new ball field that I will learn to love in due time.  Secondly, the heat is rising!  While singing praise and worship in church Sunday, I began profusely sweating.  Stuck in the middle of the row I could only turn to Tony and laugh as I literally glistened from the stage lights.  And then the sudden panic arose in me as I felt everyone around me could see, thankfully I was in the perfect place to relax and close my eyes allowing God to soothe my anxiety.  Within minutes I was cooled off and relaxed but while working this past week there were many times where I felt instantly flushed needing a fan in my face!  Another new feeling is shortness of breath after climbing the stairs in our townhouse is new or just simply getting excited in conversation.  I have to laugh at that because during my workouts I breathe fine, it’s just the different activities that trigger the please-hold-on-while-I-take-a-few-deep-breaths…then I can talk!Here is my week 15 picture, still doing T-25 everyday, haven’t been able to run this week due to the weather, but picked it up today!  Mom and I got two miles in, felt splendid and very energetic.  I have gained a few more pounds, but I can’t focus on that aspect.  It’s soooo easy to be distracted and want to do my best to slim down, but it’s not going to happen! Ha, I can control what I decide to eat and workout out, but my body is going to do what it wants and it’ll be so worth it in the months to come.  I’ve also noticed tightness in my lower abdomen!  Patiently waiting.  Every morning I rub my belly as I lay flat to feel any bump, soon enough!
Yesterday my parents surprised me with a pre-Mother’s Day gift, a prenatal massage.  I was so surprised and shocked!  My parents truly do rock and are so excited to have another grandbaby!  They also send Tony and I on our merry way, booked us dinner reservations where we enjoyed a beautiful dinner together. Many laughs, delicious food, and a little table filled with so much love.  We enjoy our moments of time together, just the two of us.  Mother’s Day is tomorrow in which I’m so excited to celebrate my Mom and mother-in-law for all they have taught us and can’t wait to put into action!



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