Dreaming a little dream of you..

Sunday May 15th, I woke up relieved of the dream I just had.  Startled that a friend in the dream named our baby Christopher, which works because two of my uncles passed both named Christoper within seven months of each other.  The shocking part was they way she spelt it, Khristafer..no offense to anyone who was as creative as her when spelling a name but I was crying in shock of how I was going to change this baby’s name!  As I left the room to go find my baby..right of course in my dream the baby wasn’t with me or Tony..people were waiting to see us and the baby in sleeping bags throughout the birthing place.  That is my biggest fear!  Not given enough time to initially bond and see our baby one on one so of course I had to dream about it.  The exciting part was it was a BOY!  A boy with golden-red hair that snuggled into his Mommy, so excited to have had a dream about but the circumstances of the dream had me just as excited to wake up and know it wasn’t real.  The vivid dreams of pregnancy have began!

Week 16 flew by and the starts of the 17th week have been hunky dory.  A 40 hour work week with workouts everyday and still 8 hours of sleep..there wasn’t an extra minute I put into to my computer except to pay bills.  Must be my body adapting to caring for a baby already but logging on Facebook is a chore and when I get on I’m irritated by the political rants and nonsense posted, sorry to those who were deleted and won’t see seldom pictures of my baby.  Yeah, maybe it’s the hormones..  I wanted to flaunt the little belly that I’ve been noticing, but I almost have come to terms with still fitting in my normal jeans and those gems holding me together!  I did decide to put on a pair of maternity shorts I bought and it does help flaunt the baby, this week it’s already getting a little firmer and I can totally feel the bump when I lay on my tummy.  As well as the vicious movements and recently two little thumps!  By the end of this, Tony and my parents will be annoyed with me telling them everyday the movements felt.  But they’re here on the journey with me and it won’t last forever, only 23 weeks to go!  ♥IMG_1848This past week Tony and I started our Bradley Method birthing classes, yes also known as – Husband Coached Childbirth.  Tony wasn’t on board yet, he was entirely nervous about the idea of going to someones home to take a class, “And what if we are the only people there?  And what if she has cats?  And what if it’s weird?  I’m just really not having a good feeling..”  Me on the other hand, I was completely comfortable and excited!  We ended up being accompanied by one other couple due two weeks before us, her first pregnancy as well.  Our teacher has been teaching the Bradley method for some time and has had 5 children of her own plus she is a Christian!  And Dr. Bradley based this method on the Christian belief that God has created us women to give birth, for some that may mean nothing but to me, that’s such a comforting piece of truth.  I’ve talked to so many women and some believe we weren’t created to give birth naturally that’s why medicine was invented..well since they are my clients I chose not to go down that path, maybe another day..but then I have the lovely handful who appreciate Tony and I’s courage and want to have a natural childbirth!  I love the women who support our decisions and don’t knock it.  I believe that Tony will be able to guide me and keep me calm when the day comes!  This method also gives us a different way of thinking..contractions are a good thing, the baby is closer to coming into the world!  I think it gives an exciting twist on the pain that I will be going through.  Needless to say, my coach has been on top of making sure I am doing my exercises daily!  My goal will eventually be to do 200 of each – squats, kegels, and hip rock..I’m currently on 20 a day..but hey I have 23 weeks to move it on up!

My workouts aren’t as simple anymore, in the sense push-ups are feeling harder and I have to adjust my “core” workouts.  I know, I won’t have a core by the end of this but at least I can keep my legs moving, working on the inside and outer, as well as keeping moving!  That’s the most important thing, modification is still moving.  With T-25, core is a big focus and some moves don’t have the modifications I need as in the modifier is still laying on her back in most, I have to start doing those standing up.  Running isn’t my training for a 1/2 marathon run, but it’s enough to keep my heart rate up and enjoy the endorphin’s released.  My Mom and I haven’t exceeded two miles because we do our T-25 after our runs, today will be the first time we do a mile followed by two workouts.  Please don’t panic, I have my heart rate sensor on and do not allow my body to exceed a certain limit and I stay hydrated through the workouts.  We are two weeks away from finishing the entire T-25 10 week program!  Maybe by the end of it I can show you before and now with a bump – what a fun picture!


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