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Week 22 I was introduced to an active baby of ours!  Starting little by little, now I can feel movement throughout the day!!!  Yes, how exciting right?!  Tony claims the baby moves when he talks through my belly, but I think the baby stops in it’s tracks thinking, “Whoa, that’s my daddy!”  It’s so strange to call Tony a Dad, I know he is going to be superb in every aspect of parenting, I always tell the baby what he’s doing referring to, “Daddy is..”  and every time it makes me want time to standstill because this pregnancy is flying by!  At night we are able to lay in bed and watch my belly move, the thumps are still the most exciting feeling I’ve felt and the most indescribable gift God has given a pregnant momma!  I love everything about my little bump that’s showing and just get so excited to eventually see my belly move completely with the baby’s every movement!  People are already starting to give their two sense – one gal told me it’s a girl because I’m carrying so high..I had to chuckle because Tony told me, “I was watching you walk around in your bathing suit and I have to say, your belly is growing out really low..doesn’t that mean it could be a boy?”  And I’m only 22 weeks!  I’m excited to really pop out and see where I’m setting!
Week 23 we had to make our way to an extra ultrasound.  When our doctor first told us we had to go back I was thrilled and was going to attempt to convince Tony to find out the sex!  That was at our 20 week appointment, the radiologist suggested we get a few extra pictures that the tech hadn’t gotten.  My mind flew past the main focal point and jumped right in to the gender side of it!  Tony wasn’t on board, but I had given us two and a half weeks to talk about it and decide..again.  I knew this would be our last sonogram by our choice and it would be the last chance to find out if it was a boy or girl!  June 27th was creeping up and everything started to change..I started getting completely nervous thinking something was wrong with our baby.  Why would we need more pictures?  Of the heart at that..  The morning of the appointment my Mom and I worked out and I was trying to stay cool, calm and collected.  The baby had been moving all around the night before, Grampa was able to feel a good little kick, the baby was healthy but the devil and I were in a battle.  Needless to say, the last thing on my mind was finding out the sex.  I felt like I could cry before leaving for our appointment and finally admitted to Tony and my Mom that I was having major anxiety, sweaty palms and a knotted stomach.  I put on our Christian music and headed to our appointment.  With Tony by my side, holding my sweaty hand, the moment we saw that squirmy little baby on the monitor I was immediately just excited to see our baby!  We got in and out, cheesy smiles and all, measurements done that were requested by the radiologist and a heart rate of 150.  A little higher than what we were used to but I’d say with my heart rate up from the anxiety, sorry little baby for making you get antsy!


Tony at 2 months, our little baby, and me fresh out of the womb!

As soon as we got home I called to move my 24 week appointment to the day I of to get the results of our sonogram sooner.  Easy switch and I had a week of work until the appointment and then Tony and I were headed to the beach for the 4th of July ♥  My week consisted of continued workouts and I was sure to stick with my well balanced diet, at our doctors appointment I was going to be doing my glucose test.  Who isn’t a little more cautious before that test?  For me, it’s always good to focus on the food my baby is getting and make sure it’s getting all the necessities and nutrients without the harsh products, well myself or the baby doesn’t need!  I love to feel well balanced not only with my workouts but nutrition too – as I ranted about in the previous post.


Snapped after a run and T25 workout, summing up June’s humidity this summer of 16

I will say, before pregnancy and still as I enjoy this first pregnancy of mine, I am thrilled to be pregnant in the summer!  When Tony and I talked about having a baby, our plan was to start trying in the winter of 2016 or 2017 – but God’s plan for us to start a family in 2016 is still just as perfect.  Everyone enjoyed telling me, “Have fun being pregnant this hot summer..”  or “Ooooh, you’re going to really love the humidity..”  All extremely sarcastic of course..  But really, I LOVE IT!  One morning, humid as ever, Mom and I looked at each other and said, “Yes, I can’t wait to run in this and sweat!”  Like mother like daughter, right?  I love to sweat, I love to sweat in hot and thick humidity.  Clearly it’s in my bloodline and I’m surely passing it down to the little gem inside my belly!  One morning, the first morning my Mom/the baby’s GiGi was able to feel the little thumps of our baby, was usually the time we were out for a run or doing T25.  A different morning schedule and the baby was already telling me I needed to get going!  There’s already endless moments where this little baby of ours gives us such joy and happiness from the thumps and jolts of their movements.  I love my 23 week picture, sunkissed skin and damp hair – the life I’d love to live all months of the year.  Hello baby in there!
24 weeks
was enjoyed celebrating the 4ht of July, ironic right?  But before the celebrations began, our baby turned a week older we happily went to our doctors appointment.  I got up, had my coffee like normal, worked out, had a small breakfast, chugged some water and down that small little bottle of clear liquid went.  How delicious.  Who isn’t nervous before this glucose test?  I mean if you test positive your already changing pregnant life is going to be altered from the moment they tell you.  And we were getting the results from our sonogram.  I was slightly anxious to say the least but I love my doctors office so I was able to feel a little more relieved walking in.  They took my vitals and the wait began.  I was having my own celebration because I didn’t gain a pound the month before, that’s a victory I’d say!  The doctor came in and let me know the imaging center hadn’t sent our results over.  Oh boy.  Just what I didn’t need.  We proceeded to wait and then she told me she would call me personally when they came in.  We left to grab breakfast and while waiting for our food, the call came in.  What a relief, the measurements were right on track and our baby is a healthy and growing perfectly!!!  I was instantly so relieved, excited, and ready for our vacation to begin!  To the beach we went, Tony and I plus our little moving baby reassuring me that everything will and always be okay regardless of the fears set in from the doctors.  Even if something was wrong, it would have been okay.  While driving, Tony and I started our deep conversations about parenting and how we feel..concluding with, God is on our side and the faith we have in Him gives us all the reassurance and security we would ever need.  ♥  I was as happy as a clam soaking up some vitamin D!  Sunday the 3rd we decided to venture to the beach and before sitting for the entire day a run was in order!  Tony, my Mom, Paisley in the stroller, and I laced up and started our run – 2.5 miles to the pier and back, 5 total miles at 9AM and a wicked breeze that was life saving.  After two miles we walked that 1/2 a mile to the pier where there was shade.  Ah, how wonderful!  But now we had to go back and I’m sure people thought we were crazy.  I decided to walk .10 and then run .50 or .25, whatever my body could handle because the wind had stopped and it was a humid, thick air we were trying to run in.  When we finally made it, it was the most rewarding run ever!  My Mom says it was harder than a half-marathon and I may agree.  The wind changing, the humidity increasing and the temperature was a mental battle trying to finish the run!  But we did it, with smiles on our face!


5 miles on the sand we love at 24 weeks pregnant!

The 4th of July is always a favorite memory of my family’s.  My great-grandfather, Johnny, taught us all to show our love to America as patriotic as possible.  And the fireworks always seem to bring such joy to us, I just love it!  Our vacation seemed to fly by and leaving my parents perfect little home is always the hardest.  I promise, Tony wakes up on the wrong side of the bed every time asking if we can move there instead of buying where we live now.  But then our sweet little baby wouldn’t have such a beautiful place to vacation to like I did growing up!  So we agree, it’s not the right time and to enjoy every trip we get to be there.  24 weeks in humidity introduced me to slightly swollen fingers and feet that were quickly fixed by elevating both and I had atrocious heartburn that easily was subsided with ice water or milk, thank the Lord.  Tony and I both get so excited that this time next summer Baby Plath will be joining us in all of these summer beach trips – learning to eat sand and to love the salty ocean water!  But for now it’s just so exciting all of the movement we get to feel everyday!  All of the anxiety I felt for a few weeks is gone and now I’m back to enjoying each moment the baby moves.  ♥


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    Loved it boo!!!!! Can’t wait for the next blog!!!!

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