A Busy Summer!

Weeks 25, 26, 27 and 28.  What a blur!  Thankfully I take pictures that I am able to look back on and reminisce of the week and new baby things that have come to pass 🙂

25 week recap – this picture is taken under my great grandparents big tree in their backyard.  Their house is now sold so we – my mom, nana, cousin, niece and I – had a glorious photoshoot.  It saddened me that my own baby wouldn’t experience all the fun with its cousins that we all did under the tree.  Climbing, finding Easter eggs, hobbling over the surrounding plants to find the balls hit under the tree.. But what made me even happier is if will be able to live through our memories we share and recreate at their own in the years to come!  Between Grampa and GiGi’s home to Grandma Joni and Grandpa Tom’s, I’m so excited to see and capture all the fun memories that are going to be made!

26 week recap – I worked just a few days and we hopped on our flight to North Dakota!  Packed our PB&J’s, some popcorn, a protein bar for each and drank an excessive amount of water through both our flights.  Bathroom breaks were necessary along with quick feet to make our next flight!  Nonetheless, no issues getting out there and a week of relaxation was due!  

My husband and I have been so busy with work and travel that on our days off it takes longer to get out of bed and the pool seems like the best place to be.  My veins have became predominant, extremely common and (Praise God) painless in my case.  I’m quite aware of them though.. And my mom reminds me to sit as we hustle through our busy workdays.  I’ve decided as I come to my 30 week mark that a day off in the midst of a 6 day workweek is necessary.  Sunday’s are always a clear day in my book – God told us to rest and I take it to the extreme.  Somedays I literally feel like I walked less than 500 steps and Tony is 100% supportive of my laziness.  But now I’m really trying to split up my weeks with even a 1/2 day off, what a difference it makes on my feet and legs.

I have encountered a glorious new side of pregnancy, pelvic pain!  Another completely normal symptom but thankfully there are ways to alleviate it.  I’m so grateful to be married to a personal trainer.. The last thing I want to do is really stretch.. Tony being the sweetest ever, will literally pull my legs and bend them in all directions to ensure that I am properly stretched.  Some nights I feel like a 24 year old car in the shop getting repaired.  Not that I’m in extreme pain, but the importance of stretching has really became clear!  While being pregnant and all the beautiful changes happening, some mornings it takes a few steps to really get moving, nothing worse than scurrying to use the bathroom and hobbling from the pain in my groin.  I am most comfortable sleeping on my left side but as I lay there I have found my right leg pulling down more, when I need to get up my pelvic bone seems to be extremely unaligned.  Literally, woke up welcoming my 27th week in North Dakota, the rehearsal day of my sister-in-laws wedding, feeling like a gimp!  Tony, my mother-in-law and I decided to go for a little 3 mile run which surprisingly felt amazing to my pain!

It seemed to stretch and realign my pelvis.  I was shocked but happy to feel better for a tad.  When we got back stretching was another fabulous idea, I felt great and had no complaints.  But the minute I stopped moving and got back up to walk I was in pain.  That night I did multiple hip rocks and  squatting to stretch and I was feeling like I was on the road to recovery.  The rest of our trip was splendid, a beautiful wedding and multiple days with our family in North Dakota, Mommy felt good and Daddy was as happy as a clam to have a week with his family unit.

The first day back in the groove of things seemed pretty good.  Felt energetic and excited to be back in my normal routine.  I did work out and noticed the pelvic pain, by the end of the day I wanted to cry because it was so new and really I didn’t think there was anything we could do to fix it!  After searching for a pregnancy pillow and not finding what I needed, Tony taped me up with kinesiology tape the next morning – an exercise tape pretty much used to hold everything together and aligned but allowing circulation and blood flow like normal!  What a difference it made in my entire day!!!  Standing, walking, sitting, laying.. I was comfortable and that was all that mattered!  Just the third trimester saying hello right?  I can’t complain too much because the relaxin hormone is a good thing, my bones preparing to relax during labor, I will take all the relaxation I can get when experiencing what seems to be the biggest part of the pregnancy.. LABOR!

Working on my feet all day has welcomed some discomfort in my heal as the baby has added a whopping 2 pounds!  I know my body is producing more amniotic fluid for my little one and let’s face it, everything is still changing!  I’ve welcomed into my life, Crocs The Sexi Flip.  To my pregnant mama out there, game changer!  The cushion in my heel has been amazing, the slight arch support makes me feel like I’m standing on a super foamy mat for 8 hours.  Not really because I do sit in between colors but I love to chat with my clients..they are quick to remind me to sit.  I’m just happy to be healthy and still able to work like I do!  And there is always a light at the end of the end of a busy work week..another vacation!


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