3 weeks to go!

Clearly, summer isn’t my time to shine for blogging!  I get way too preoccupied relaxing in the sun, getting some extra sleep, trying to keep my workout routine, and focusing on anything but sharing about my pregnancy!  I have still had a really smooth and uncomplicated few months!  Here are the pictures that can bring you up to speed.  You can clearly see my summer tan is fading and my eyes seem to look a little more tired, long work days where I forget to take my weekly picture during the day calls for a lousier one in the evening.  From the 29 week beach picture to the 26 week huge belly showing, we have been showered with three different celebrations within a month!  Talk about an extremely blessed family Tony and I are.  It’s a tad overwhelming.. but I’m happy to say I have until Thursday of this week to get my thank-you’s out from the last shower, LOL!

I’m currently 37 weeks, eek, and haven’t noticed any braxton hicks contractions – Tony and I did notice last night that the baby is setting a lot lower, but I don’t notice any different pressure or pains.  I will say – the sleepiness that I felt in my first few weeks of pregnancy has returned.  I can sleep through my alarm for an hour no problem!  When we first conceived, looking back at the calendar, I literally slept in over an hour some days.. my Mom and I thought it was the colder days that kept me snuggled in bed.. nope just a growing little poppy seed. Because of my body refusing to get out of bed some days I’ve decided to only workout three to four times a week, depending on my work schedule and who’s around to workout with me!  At 36 weeks, Tony and I still got a 2 mile run in, the week before that my Mom and I ran a few times that week with the max being two miles.  By the end I need to use the bathroom, like in that moment!  So I guess the pressure has changed, but nothing that I feel is tremendously difficult to deal with!  My feet have grown.. the swelling is inevitable at this point so my Sanuk sandals in my 36 week picture will be what carries me through these next three weeks.  I make it a priority to sit with my feet up while my clients color is processing, helping the blood drain from my feet back to the sweet little child of mine!  Thankfully, it’s only my feet.  My hands feel great and my wedding ring is still on and shining.  Tony wanted me to take it off to be safe but I just can’t..

I still get a little emotional thinking abut Tony and I’s one-on-one life coming to an end so soon.  I know we will still get time together of course, but life is seriously about to change in the most exceptional way possible!  I refuse to get upset about it anymore knowing the joy we already experience with this nugget inside of me.  We are so excited for it to be here in such a short time that I literally soak up every minute alone with my bestfriend.  We were talking about things last night, how we are growing and have grown so quickly in the three and a half years we have been together.  From long nights at our apartment, dating and getting to know one another.. every waking second of the weekends were spent together, quickly falling in love like we wouldn’t believe.. to our wedding day, walks on the beach, short trips to get out of town together.. to now quick dinner dates and nights at home cuddled up watching football while Tony rubs this big ol’ belly of mine.. but every thing has led to something better.  A life that neither of us would trade a single thing for!  And now within a month we will have our tiny baby in our hands, our little creation that has already blessed our life in so many endless ways.. it’s an incredible, indescribable feeling.  And I know we both will be so preoccupied and focused on our baby but without a doubt know that the love we have will only continue to grow everyday as we both take on parenting together as a team.  We did talk about how having faith in Jesus makes a whole world of a difference as well.  We don’t worry like many people ask us.. We know everything will be okay and go as planned because the plan is already made, we just are walking through it.  To hear my husband say this to me left me blown away.  When we first met, church and God we briefly touched on but never would I have thought how much he and I would grow together in our faith.  I am extremely excited to start a family on such a foundation with God in the center.  I’ve grown up in a home like that – waking up to the smell of my Dad’s cologne because he snuck in my room and prayed over me before he left for work, praying with my Mom and Brodie before we left for school, praying within our schools, praying before dinner, in any situation we turned to prayer.  I can say I’ve not met many family’s who do that.. but my little family will be following in those footsteps and I couldn’t be more excited!  I have a husband who is just as ready to raise a family around the plan God has for us and start this new chapter of our lives together, the three of us! ♥

As I prepare for labor I’ve been reading about playlists and how music will help relax.  I’ve also been looking into getting the motivation to get through the transition stage.  While most women think this is the point where everyone curses their husband and breaks their hand, I really am trying to turn that leaf over!  Lol, I have my worship music ready and need to get my scripture cards prepared.  While training for half-marathons in the past years or actually any race or goal I set, worship music is my go to.  Whether it was the power song to get my up the hill or the last little bit of energy to get my to the 20 minute mark on the stair master, worship music would be blasting in my ears!  And I’d accomplish whatever it was I was doing.  That’s my goal for labor.  Tony and I have been training for our nugget’s labor day since we found out he or she was growing in my belly.. we can do this together!  And I do my best not to get irritated when people laugh and tell me that’s the last thing I will want to hear.. Tony reading me scripture, well actually Tony just talking in general.. but I beg to differ.  I’m really depending on Tony to help me through this and I know he is taking it as seriously as I am.  And I know he is depending on God to give him strength when it gets hard – when I am cringing from the pain, when I possibly cry from the pain – homeboy is going to have to really dig deep and stay strong for me with the ultimate gift arriving so soon after!!!  Of course – this is my first pregnancy, first birth, and I just am staying positive refusing to be scared of the unknown!  The comfort of knowing God made women to birth babies is enough for me to have faith knowing I will get through my labor!  I’m so excited to share my birth story in a few weeks, hopefully I can get that done sooner than I’ve gotten this post up.. 🙂


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