The Anticipation

39 weeks.  I was so grateful to say I ran a mile with my wasn’t an easy one.  Between the colder air and bigger belly.. I tied the running shoes up when we got back and a piece of my heart went with them.  Dramatic right?  Running is such a therapy to me.  After a run, even a mile, puts me in a great mood.

All the endorphin’s, the accomplishment I soon as I am cleared to go I’m sure I will be running my loop with the baby in the stroller!  Who knows, I find out in two days if I’m dilated at all and if not I may just put em back on and run 15 minute miles, anything to keep me busy!  It’s so funny to see people’s reactions when they find out I’m still running.  Actually, working too.  My schedule is booked until my due date and I’ve already told the boss that in the case of my date passing by and baby still cooking, I’d love to book more appointments!  My doctor told me to keep doing everything – he see’s the easiest labors in the women who work up until their due date.  I’ll take that advice!

Monday October 17th, I had my 39 week appointment – I found out I was maybe a fingertip dilated and 70% effaced, which I had been the previous appointment.  My doctor then decided to tell me it was important I understood they didn’t allow anything past 41 weeks and the office would be calling me to schedule an induction for 41 weeks on the dot.  October 28th.  I left the office, trying to keep it together.  I mean I wasn’t full term yet, there was still time and days to come to go into birth naturally.  But what if?  The what if’s were endless.  Anxiety stricken, Tony and I briefly talked but coming home and seeing my mom I practically broke – emotionally. I hated hearing that I would have to be induced.  I mean my gosh, I worked way too hard this pregnancy to let the doctors tell me when it needed to end because of their timeline.  In the Bradley world (remember, we took 12 weeks of classes to train ourselves to have a Bradley/Husband Coached childbirth.) full term isn’t until 41 weeks and 3 days and the placenta is good and healthy until 44 weeks.  Not that I would want to go to 44 weeks but my argument is to give my body time to do what it wants.  Don’t pressure me and add unnecessary stress when I wasn’t even at 40 weeks yet!  Needless to say, my mom understood what I was feeling while Tony thought I was giving up on all my goals.  That wasn’t the case but I knew if they decided they had to induce that medicine would only interfere with my goals.  And yes, I went into this whole pregnancy with an open mind – ultimately it was about the baby and I’s health.  As my day went on, my clients came and went, and all assured me regardless of what the outcome was, it would be okay.  Of course I agreed and finished my workday on a happy note, ready to eat my Korean dinner.. spicy kimchi soup!  That evening I told my mom the next morning we were going on a run, two miles, to the top of the neighborhood and back.. she said we would see and I told her we were doing it!

Bright and early, up with coffee in our system ready to go!  As I did my devotions, I was preparing for the first mile.  It’s a steady, grueling uphill that was a real battle at this point in pregnancy.  My mom was really helpful in just letting me deal and fight myself, (lol) because lets be honest, when you’re struggling who wants to talk?  Tug, our 9 year old golden retriever went with us.  Allowing us to only go so fast, but still run at a comfortable pace!  After the first mile, we made it and we walked for about a minute, then picked it back up.  The idea of heading downhill back home sounded glorious and made it easier to get going!  But while running home my body was having some new pressures.. mom and I walked when necessary but really I was trying to push through. I made it and had a full day of work ahead of me!  A 9am-8pm workday that I was determined to get through the day!

Upon getting ready for work I noticed I was a little more crampy.  Not contractions, but noticeable cramps that were new with some pressures that weren’t getting stronger but I could notice them.  Around 4pm I noticed I lost something while going to the bathroom.. in a panic with clients in the salon I wasn’t sure what to do.  I learned about losing my mucus plug while in my Bradley classes but who knew what it would really be like!  After about a half hour I finally said something to my mom, who was ecstatic!  And I was too!  But I could feel crampiness increasing and I could tell my anxiety was heightening.  Of course I was excited to become a mom but also the nerves of Labor Day were setting in!  My last two clients are great friends of mine who both just always encourages and listens to what goes on in my life.  They were just as excited but were also wondering why I was still working.  Well why not?  If I stopped I would be bored out of my mind!  I needed to stay busy and keep my mind off the pain to come my way.  While finishing up my last client my dad told me what was for dinner, buffalo chicken tenders atop a spinach salad.. YUM!  By the time I finished my client I was ready to be off.. feeling exhausted and crampy while also still losing bits and pieces of my mucus plug!  One time I even called my mom in to make sure I wasn’t bleeding, yes we are that close.  She assured me this is what happens and it was okay!  By the time dinner was over I was ready for bed, I stretched a little and was ready for a full night sleep.  HA!  Not gonna happen.  Contractions began, 7-10 minutes apart what seemed like the entire night but I’m sure it wasn’t that often.  Laying down was extremely uncomfortable, when a contraction came I had to jump out of bed into a position.  Bending over on the bed seemed to be the comfiest, but still painful.  I told Tony to get some sleep because it was all enduring myself.  The morning finally came, I got up and joined my mom for some coffee.  Still having contractions I only had a half day of work that afternoon and we had a lunch planned with my grandparents that I didn’t want to miss.  Honestly, I didn’t think I would go into labor.  I figured this was just the start and fun of it all, but I still had so much time because the doctors told me about induction.. I didn’t think things could change so quickly.  We teeter tottered about whether Tony and I should join them for lunch.. a 45 minute drive.. what if?!  Exactly, what if I went into labor – we would be closer to the hospital!  So we went on a little walk and all got ready to get on the road.  Contractions every 10-15 minutes just breathing through and drinking my water while I still could.  At lunch, I felt a little out of it.  Hungry, but not.  Tired, but happy to be with family.  Trying to make the best of my few last days pregnant!  On the way home I fell asleep, woke up to a contraction and fell back asleep.  I worked 2pm-6pm, I could do it!  My mom mentioned that this was the first day I looked tired.. tired of being pregnant and truly uncomfortable.  Funny enough, she said when I had a contraction she would look at me and think, “Is this my daughter?”  The look on my face, the concentration, I put myself in another world to get through each contraction and she was quite impressed!  Tony was not liking the pain I was in, sitting and breathing through it helped mask the pain and keep him calm as well as myself.  By the end of my last client I had to pause, step away, and really breathe through the pain.. my client asked that I didn’t dry her hair and get some rest.  Okay.  I could handle that, I made it through four haircuts and two colors, if I didn’t dry one head of hair as the paying customer insisted, I was okay with that.  I was really feeling the contractions at this point but they were still 7-8 minutes apart, not anything serious.  At 7:30 my mom was encouraging me to go on a walk with her, we went probably a half mile or so.. contractions still the same.  My dad came home with jalapeño everything.  Kettle chips, popcorn, homemade jalapeño poppers, jalapeño stuffed cheddar burgers.. you name it and we had it!  I ate half the bag of kettle jalapeño chips and already noticed a change occurring.  Bathroom break was instant!  Tony got home from work and we sat for dinner, by the end (20 minutes later) I was having contractions every 5 minutes!  My dad was so happy and was ready for us to head to the hospital, little did he know all the time that was to come.. but my birth story deserves it’s own post, stay tuned 🙂


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