0-4, just like that!

As I sit here – 10:45 PM, with my angel sleeping on my chest, seeming double in length and weight, gripping my family necklace – I want this moment to last forever. She and my husband and fast asleep, but I can only soak it all in because I know the day she doesn’t want to sleep or snuggle with me.. I’ll be happy I didn’t move tonight m. I want time to standstill in moments like these. Blessed beyond measure, an overflowing heart of gratitude. God blessed me with an amazing daughter and husband. A husband who respects my wishes when asked to come to bed and denied because I want to snuggle with my girl. And a daughter, who for now, loves every single ounce of me just as I do her. The love I have for this almost four month old child of mine is indescribable. She’s rolling, cooing, giggling, eating her feet, smiling, staring.. I love her more and more everyday. And I know Tony does too! After long workdays; I find my peace sitting with her. As many times as she lifts her head, slams it on my chest, whatever she needs to do to be comfy.. I could kiss her a million times, well I probably do. And my Mom said she did the same to me, lol, and I regret all the times I told her to stop! Knowing one day, Little Miss will and my heart will break for a split second. She’s four months old on Monday. The prettiest, smartest, happiest, most loving four month old I know to date 🙂💞


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