4 months 25 days

Hello teething.  As a new Momma, life got a little scary yesterday.  My sweet girl couldn’t get comfortable.  She was drooly and a runny nose, Lord help me.  Seriously!  Tony was off to work and I was left trying my best.  The key I found, ware her out.  Play, play, play.  Then feed.  Then let her get comfy on my chest.  With the runny nose, she wasn’t sure how to get comfy!  And I can’t blame her.  I feel so bad for her.  It’s the first time I’ve felt helpless.  In those moments I know a praying Momma isn’t helpless.. better than any medicine at that!  Sweet, simple prayers that my baby is soothed by God’s healing.  And others, “Jesus, please let the tooth pop through!!!”  I imagine it’s going to be a few days or weeks of this so having two days off to prep me has been a blessing.  I know this is nothing, but seeing my baby in pain is so hard!  But she always begins and ends with a smile through it all!

It was our first snow day of the year.  Usually I’ll bake some goodies, clean, and then relax and do nothing.. well there’s a first for everything right?  Nothing got done around the house yesterday.  Coralynne came first.  Making sure she was comfortable was my first priority.  The gym?  This week isn’t even in my schedule.  Is it my fault?  Yes of course.  I could wake up and sneak out of the house.  But the only thing that soothes this child when in such discomfort is the boob.  And Tony doesn’t have that, so for my child’s sake I’m here at the first cry.  Or like this afternoon, after 20 minutes of crying.  I made the mistake of pumping while I was off with her today.  What made me do such a thing?  I did notice that my milk supply is off.  Tony said it’s from the stress that I’m feeling from Coralynne.  Although he’s no lactation consultant, I’m pretty sure he’s right.  I’ve drank a ton of water too but have noticed she’s eating more which I am so okay with. 

I’ve tried a lot to keep her calm.  And I promise she’s calm in the picture above, just hootin’ and hollerin’ at me while I was getting my coffee.   I tried the cold washcloths in chamomile tea, breast milk in a mesh bag, all sorts of teethers.. this girl ends up throwing it all overboard!  Makes me laugh every time.  The mesh bag seems to keep her happy, I put frozen milk in it which she really sucks on.  I advise all Mommy friends to try that!  When I took my vitamins this morning I was praying the nutrients would go to her, keep her immune system strong!  I also took a bath with her this morning.  Added a little Frankincense and Lavendar oil to the water.. we could breathe like champs!  My nose was so clear and hers too!!  After a long soaking, we got out and I applied Frankincense, Lavendar, Lemon and Peppermint with coconut oil to the bottoms of her feet.  She was so calm and happy to be breathing while laying on her back, she soon fell asleep and slept for some time!  Thank God.  My Mom and I had talked that morning and getting her to eat and sleep wast goal for the day and it was happening.  And Coralynne was comfortable at that, Mom win!  Tony thought I was crazy to put oils on her but I’ve read a lot about oils and babies.  The comparisons of oils and baby Tylenol.. and me being Danielle.. oils over medicine any day!  Until they really don’t work.  As for now, I can put them on her feet, put some socks on, feed her and get her to sleep comfortably and I’m convinced they’re working. I’m sure tonight I’ll be up a few times to feed, wipe her nose, hold her, remind her I’m here and get back to sleep.  I’m 100% okay with this even knowing I work 9-8 tomorrow.. this is my girl and she needs me and being all I can be is my job, God’ll give me strength and energy tomorrow!  She was talking up a storm tonight, unlike lastnight.  I think we are on the way to a tooth coming in or Coralynne getting used to a runny nose!  Regardless, I’m feeling pretty happy that my girl is feeling better!  We ended the night with GiGi singing Love Shack to her and Granpa laughing hard behind as they heard her really giggle for the first time!  I know their hearts were melting as mine and Tony’s were too.  Moments I’ll never forget.  Thankful for my phone camera and the crappy quality picture I have 🙂 

Oh, the diffuser is running – Lavendar and Frankincense fill the air.  Prayers my girl is comfy and we all get some sleep tonight! ❤


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