I can’t believe it.  I woke Tony up briefly to tell him goodbye this morning and to apologize for being, well, sleepy and rude.. he understood.. ad he whispers to me, “Babe, can you believe it?  Our daughter is six months old today.”  No, no I can’t.  Six months ago I was in a hospital room waiting for my parents to join us because I thought I was going to push this child out within three hours of arrival.  Ha!  It’s hard to believe, nine months ago we were watching my belly move around in alien-like ways, reading books, singing, and predicting what this baby of ours would be like.. well Sweet Little Miss is more than we could ever imagine.  Her sweet gummy smiles, her stares into my eyes that turn to a soft smile, her arms raising as she waits for her Momma to grab her, the little grunts I hear, her arms flailing during feeding, her little giggles, her fake cough that she knows Momma has given in to – my sweet baby girl has changed my life!  I’m in awe that she belongs to Tony and I, she is so perfect in so many ways!  A smart little cookie that knows how much her Momma and Daddy love her.
DSC00042Being a Mom has been the most life fulfilling, heart warming, over joyed, loving thing I have been blessed with.  I sleep less than I did when she was a newborn and I can only embrace it because I know sooner than later it will be over and she will be sleeping through the night.  As a breastfeeding Mom – it’s my job to give her what she needs, and if food at 1 am and 3:30 am is it, you got it baby!  She may be a princess and I may be weak for giving in, but I love her so much that I enjoy the sleepless nights because it’s for her!  I remember when we first came home, the way she slept on me I imagined was how she was in the womb but vertically.. oddly enough this morning I went to grab her before heading out and she was laying vertically on the bed.. when God makes the full circles for me to notice, I can’t help but give Him the praise because this child of mine is His.  He set all of this up in His timing.  Lord knows, Tony and I had a lot planned to do before adding a baby to our lives.. boy does that sound selfish.. but you know what I mean!  I thought I had our life planned, but now I truly understand that God has the plan.  Not only for my life but for Tony and Coralynne’s, too!  I can only pray she follows the footsteps of God ♥
DSC00277One of my devotions this morning had me in awe, something so basic but hit home on my daughters 1/2 birthday.. “We love because He first loved us.” 1 John 4:19.  Nothing could be truer.  Because our God loves me I am able to love this little lady to pieces!  And to think God loves us more than that, I can’t even describe the feeling except it gets me all in my emotions and I don’t have time to cry this morning 😭😂 trying to describe how much I love and admire my Coralynne, and then it hits me that God loves me THAT much more!  Like, how?! All I can do is thank Him.  Thank Him for this beautiful Angel of ours, our sweet pride and joy, oh Coralynne – you melt our hearts. 


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