Yes, my baby girl, Coralynne, my little bug, is 9 months old!  I can believe it.  She’s grown fiercely but I feel confident to say my husband and I have had the joy of watching her grow step by step.  I’ve been able to run in while color is processing and feed her, cuddle her, watch her play, or just hear her talk.  While my husband is in and out switching shifts with our awesome babysitter who we call, Nannie.  Coralynne loves her and her excitement she shows up with!  It is now August, she actually turns 10 months this month – I just slack on blogging all the time!  But we are summer people!  So far we have had plenty of trips to the pool and two to the beach.  So Coralynne had two weeks of swim lessons.. which made her enjoy and love the water!  She is a water baby, for sure!  The water gives me peace and happiness, as it does my sweet Girl!  I am blessed to be able to work and take time to give my baby some water and sun therapy!  Of course with our SPF and UV-blocker bathing suits and hats!


From 6 to 9 months a lot has happened!  For starters, we moved.  As a family and our businesses, we moved from a little bitty townhouse to, what feels like a ginormous single family home.  But our townhouse was home.  I didn’t realize how much it had turned into my safe place until moving.  We now have privacy and peace and quiet in our new home.  It’s an older home, has charm to it, and good bones – but it hasn’t felt like our home, yet.  With my sweet girl in my arms and my husband by my side, life is complete, but I know she has been feeding off my anxious spirit.. which isn’t ME.  As frustrated as I’ve become, it’s been a fight within to push through.  With the help of my bestfriends, Tony Mom and Dad, I’ve conquered it.  At least as of right now.  Day by day, little by little, I feel more comfortable in our home.  With the pictures being placed, pillows set, and scents that comfort me, I can say we’ve come a long way in two short months.  It’s not always about the now but more about the big picture.  I am blessed to live in a place my child can grow up and walk through our breezeway to see myself and her GiGi working, go in the basement and visit Granpa’s office, venture to the outdoors to find Daddy working out, or just sit in our beautiful loft and color or watch TV.. this house gives us endless opportunities.. and sometimes (as my devotions keep telling me) God allows us to go through tough trials to not only make us stronger but to refocus and give God the glory.  And that’s just what we have done!


With the move we’ve co-slept every night.  Not that Coralynne was ever sleeping in her crib through the night at our townhouse, but we could usually get two to three hours of peaceful sleep without her.. now it’s maybe 45 mins to an hour and a half of sleep without her.  But with my anxiety, some nights I believe her waking up to feed has been more needed for myself than her.  Crazy right?  When we first moved in she was up some nights four times, like I felt like I never slept.  I did lose a few pounds, lol, my body had no idea how to keep up!  But in the end our baby ended up having two top teeth pop through!  She now has four teeth total!  And she finally is only waking up once in the night, maybe twice to feed.  The second feeding usually hits about the time I need to wake up, so that works for us!  If my boob soothes her during the trauma of her teeth coming through, I am a happy.  We have yet to use any teething remedies, Tylenol, or teething tablets.. prayers have already been said that the boob continues to work!  I am so extremely thankful that I have been able to produce enough milk and keep up with her feedings to keep her full and happy!  She doesn’t seem to want to wean at all.  She does eat food too!  She loves bananas and cantaloupe, turkey is the newest with mozzarella cheese, and avocados are finally going down easy!  Some things make her gag, but hey it’s all learning!  She loves to chew on anything!  Anything that soothes her, she is happy as a clam.


The girl loves to pull herself up on anything!  She is getting so strong.  She has just figured out how to shimmy up my leg from a seating position.. the cutest thing ever!  She will be walking before we know it.  I have recently started a new workout that she sits and watches!  Core De Force has been an amazing shift for my Mom and I in releasing any frustration and getting a good sweat on!  Cora watches in her jumper and has started trying some MMA moves.. that may not be the best thing!  LOL!  As hard as it has been getting back into a routine of working out, my body needs it like it needs sleep.  I gain so much from working out and Beachbody has been my jam before Coralynne and after.. the convenience, nothing compares!  I haven’t been able to start running yet, but I hope to in the next week!  My mind needs it.  A run, the sound of ocean waves, and salty air mixed in with my own sweat – a blessing all in itself!  It’ll be a really weird thing to think through, last year I was seven months pregnant running on the sand.. this year I have a nine month old to push in my jogger.  Thinking back I can still feel the pressure when I first had a braxton hick contraction while running.. and then the kicks I felt after each run, my baby telling me good job before she took her morning nap.. incredible!  The plans God had for us!  There isn’t a chance in the world I would be able to deal with a pregnancy this year and that was Tony and I’s plan, to get pregnant in 2017.  Thank GOD for His plans, I would be a wreck!  I feel like Coralynne’s pregnancy was so great for myself because I had an awesome routine and schedule!  I kept my body in check!


Clearly, sunhats are my girls forte!  She is an adorable, cheeky, smiley, enthusiastic, growing, smart, beautiful little lady – I will do my best to keep this up to date.  Cheers to a happy summer! ♥


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