A Little of Me!

I’m Danielle.  I am 24 year old, married woman who believes in everything I do!  I’m a passionate, faithful, lover of everything in my life.  I’ve came a long way in my faith and relationships.  I am a Christian and sure do love God.  Christians are becoming such a – hmm let’s see how to put this – a target?  The days I feel frustrated, ironically enough I always read a verse that can strengthen me and God simply allows me to understand why that just happened.  I tend to read and re-read these verses and hope to share them within this blog and help uplift and strengthen those in the same fight as me!  My husband is Tony, he was my personal trainer (that’s how we met) and still is a personal trainer.  He and I have grown to love fitness together!  We are always trying to meet new goals together, run different races, or just push each other in a workout.  We usually eat a clean diet (on the weekdays) and try to really hold one another accountable, but some days you just have to have fun with the one you love.  I really enjoy cooking and baking, always trying to find the healthiest way to eat yet still satisfying our taste buds.  We love to travel.  Traveling once a month is our goal; while paying bills and trying to save money.  It’s become a part of life – if you love it, do it!  You should know I am obsessed with essential oils and all the properties they carry – they’ve become second nature to me and my family!  I am carrying Tony and I’s first little addition to our family.  Some days it’s still so surreal..like I’m pregnant with the perfect mix of Tony and I..come October we will be able to see our precious bundle of joy!  I really am a nice person with passion trying to fit into this crazy world! ♥

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  1. Mom · January 17, 2016

    I LOOOOVE IT! Funny too and I have to laugh that you never wanted to write or journal! Funny how God works and reveals talents and gifts in us that were hidden or just needed to be dusted off! Love it!!!!! Made me laugh and cry!!! I love you boo!

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  2. Jillian · January 17, 2016

    I’m SO proud of you Danielle! God gives us passions in life and I truly believe writing is one of yours! And what better things to write about than our faithful God and loving family!!!!!! He is glorified every day you write about how he has touched your life!!!! Praise God for all that he does and keep the posts comin!!!!!!

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