Health & Fitness

A major part of my blog will be my fitness and goals.  I found when I blogged on, before my wedding, it held me accountable not only for myself but others too!  Who doesn’t have a goal of where they want their body to be?  I feel like I always set them and almost get there, set new ones, almost get there, and again and again.  Well, according to my own will, in 2016 I WILL get there.  I eventually want to start a family with my handsome husband and I really want to be in great shape before we begin!  I have read and learned for myself the benefits of a healthy, fit body before pregnancy and labor.  And let’s be honest, it will be easier to get back to that than having that plus some to lose!  For me, being active and eating better has always been my choice.  My parents worked out daily and fed my brother and I great foods growing up plus we were always in a sport.  We rarely had chips or soda in our home for the sake of, “If it’s not there you won’t eat it.”  Same rules apply in our home today and I have to say, it really helps my husband and I keep a pretty healthy diet.  Now does that mean I’m where I want to be?  Ha, no way!  Currently my Mom is my workout partner and my Dad is my healthy personal chef, helping me and cheering me on along the way.  Of course, Tony is right beside me every evening eating dinner and maintaining the control of not allowing us to eat the ice cream and chocolate that we don’t even have!  It’s a challenge but we all can make the choice to what we eat and if we exercise, I try to always be prompt in making the right one!


November 14th, 2015 my 2nd 1/2 Marathon ran with my husband!